How to choose the most suitable glass for your windows ? How to choose correctly your glass package

When it comes to choosen the right glass package you have to perceive this step as the completion of the role played by your Barrier® windows and doors.

How do I choose the profile? Windows and doors that can fit your requirements

The PVC profiles ensure the fulfillment of all the functions typical for windows and doors: resistance, carrying capacity, maneuvering and stability, anti-burglary safety as well as safety against weather conditions. And last but not least thermal and sound insulation.

Annual maintenance it increases the lifespan of the windows

As any other element of construction, the windows are subject to normal usage. To extend the lifespan of the windows, it is important to keep in mind several practical pieces of advice and indications regarding the handling and taking care of them.

The importance of the mounting sheets joint sealing insulation increases the efficiency

Barrier® uses a new technology through the self-expanding bands that transmit steams, as those that do not transmit the steam. Insulation has a decisive influence on the quality if the connection between the window and the masonry due to the fact that the moisture or the frost of the insulation creates a thermal barrier that produces a high level of heat loss.

The importance of decorative sheets

Decorative sheets offer beautiful colors, windows, doors and other exterior surfaces, models with wood textures and sophisticated surface structures that last for decades.

The new aluminium shredders efficient protection indifferent of the weather conditions

The roller shutters offer an extra protection for your home windows against both the weather and noise, as against any intrusion attempts.