Annual maintenance

As any other element of construction, the windows are subject to normal usage. To extend the lifespan of the windows, it is important to keep in mind several practical pieces of advice and indications regarding the handling and taking care of them.

The correct functioning of your new Barrier® windows will be verified immediately after mounting them, however a proper handling will ensure a longer lifespan of your investment.

The high level of brilliance offers a premium image due to the HDF (High Denition Finishing) a formula developed by REHAU®, that also provides a easy maintenance.

Perfect surfaces, easy to clean
Dirt or dust left by rain can be removed simply by using a household detergent and usually a soft cloth. Close to industrial areas and stations, existing impurities in the atmosphere can form deposits of rust, dust, soot and calamine. To remove layers of dirt, and to protect surfaces, we recommend using, in this case, a special maintenance detergent.

The special maintenance detergent REHAU is available for both the white as the colored (painted or laminated) profiles.

The windows will be cleaned using hot, clean water and a special soft cloth.

Be careful with the detergent you use.
Aggressive or abrasive cleaning agents which contain solvents or diluents such as synthetic resin or acetone can damage unrecoverably your windows. Also, the use of scouring powder or hard objects such as putty knives, wire brushes or abrasive sponges is not recommended.

The first step is to carefully remove the protective film immediately after the completion installation.  Otherwise, there is the danger of the foil to be printed on the profile’s surface.

How do you maintain and extend the lifespan of your windows ?
We recommend lubricating the moving parts of the fittings with a drop of oil at least once a year to allow your windows to open and close in the future without problems.

Necessary products for the maintenance of your windows:

  • Cleaning agents for the regular maintenance of the frames and the windows;
  • Special cloths used for the glass surfaces;
  • Special detergents used in the professional maintenance of the frames, as to remove the dirt stains;
  • Oils for lubricating the fittings;
  • Soft cloths to maintain a good appearance;
  • Silicon pencil for lubricating the seals.

For the maintenance of the seals, they are to be cleaned with water and periodically lubricated with silicon pencils.

A pleasant, healthy and comfortable climate

To achieve high standards of thermal and sound insulation, the Barrier® windows and doors are closed very tightly, thus contributing to saving a significant amount of heat. Given the high degree of tightness, we recommend regular ventilation of the rooms. Through a continuous exchange of air humidity in the room you reach an optimal level, which prevents mold and condensation, also ensuring a pleasant climate in the home.

Permanent ventilation by folding windows provides a low air infiltration and automatically involve the extension of the period in which the windows remains open.

Ventilation by air currents involves simultaneously opening windows and doors so that air fresheners in the home will cover a very short period of time: 2-4 minutes. This mode of ventilation is effective because the structural elements are not cooled and the energy loss is reduced to a minimum.

During the day, in which the housing accommodates 4 persons, about 10 gallons of water vapor are produced.
Therefore, it is very important to properly ventilate the rooms and replace the moist air with outside fresh and dry air.