The importance of the mounting sheets

Barrier uses a new technology through the self-expanding bands that transmit steams, as those that do not transmit the steam. Insulation has a decisive influence on the quality if the connection between the window and the masonry due to the fact that the moisture or the frost of the insulation creates a thermal barrier that produces a high level of heat loss.

Applying the self-expanding bands

Self-expanding bands are helpful when the wall has an outer space destined for the windows. The width of the band should be as close to the size of the joint as possible, thus the band could expand up to 33%. If the joint is bigger and the band expands more than 33% than the insulating characteristics will be affected and the erosion process caused by the UV rays will be accelerated.

The tape is glued on the outer part of the profile, leaving 2 mm to the end, before the mechanical assembly of the window. It is also possible to apply the band after the installation, by inserting it into the joint with a spatula, without removing the protective sheet.

Using the hot mounting system not only ensures the appropriate thermal comfort, but you also prevent a possible dampening of the insulation and construction materials. Thus, you prevent the mold that might appear in the nip of the window to the wall. There is also a possibility for the walls to freeze during the winter time.

1.Inner seal

The inner seal prevents the passage of the water vapors and moisture in the insulation layers. The protection barrier against the vapors has to be tight.

This can be achieved by using the SWS FOLIENBAND INSIDE – which is a self-adhesive elastic tape, coated with a special coating that allows the application of the plaster. It adheres well to any kind of building surfaces, including those made out of synthetic materials. The product is available in several sizes, whether we are talking about those covered in butyl or those in the shape of an adhesive strip.

2.Outer seal

The outer seals function as a membrane that allows the passage in one direction – thus, it is not possible for the rain or any other precipitation to pas from the outside to the inside of the seal while allowing the passage of water vapors from the inside to the outside part of the profiles.

SWS FOLIENBAND OUTSIDE – self-adhesive elastic sheet – on one side or both sides – with an increased coefficient of water vapors leave covered with a material that allows the application of plaster, which is an excellent solution for sealing the insulating construction layer with a bridge element. The butyl layer ensures excellent adhesion to any type of surfaces.