How to choose the most suitable glass for your windows ?

When it comes to choosen the right glass package you have to perceive this step as the completion of the role played by your Barrier® windows and doors.

In what concerns the configuration of a window, this step should follow the one destined for choosing the profile. As for the insulating and protection potential to be at its highest level, Barrier® has configured for each of its groups of products the most suitable glass packages, thus offering a wider category of dimensions and structures.

Thermal insulation
One of the most important functions of a window is the thermal insulation. The lower the heat transfer coefficient, the more efficient the window gets from an energy efficiency point of view.

The price
This is the most often indicator used in choosing the glass packages. Being a long term investment, meant to protect your level of comfort, we recommend you to take into consideration all the active characteristics of the glass, with various implications in the operating costs, meaning the value it achieves in time.

The width of the package and the number of sheets
The number is sheets uses is important in determing the thermal and sound insulating capacity. The 3-sheets packages insulate better than the 2-sheets packages. In the case of the 1 sheet, we cannot exactly speak about insulation. The bigger the width of the glass package, the greater the insulating capacity.

Insertion of inert gas 
Optionally, with the insertion of inert gas between the glass sheets (argon or krypton) the thermal characteristics of the glass package can be considerably improved.

Spacer rods
The separation of the glass sheets in the interior part of the package is done with the help of the spacer rods. Do choose the ones with a low level of energy transfer as for the energy loss to be reduced. This will also prevent the condensation of the window.

Glass types 

The cardinal orientation is important in choosing the glass type since the thermal indicators are different. The Barrier® experts will guide you throughout the process as for you to have the optimal products.

Usually, the purchasing price differences are rather small in comparison to the differences that result of the operating costs. A high quality glass package will return the investment in no time helping you to economize even more.

Thermal insulation and soundproofing offered by the glass are a consequence of the general characteristics of the package, with correspondence in the number of sheets, thickness and type of glass sheets or spacer rods as well as the type of inert gas introduced. A quality pack of glass is unitary, meeting all the abovementioned specifications.

Beyond the main function of the glass which is given by its thermal and sound insulating capacity, you may also discover other functionalities for it. By choosing the glass packages equipped with special characteristics you might have : glass with a decorative functionality (decorative glass, colored glass, reflective glass), safety glass (termocalit glass, duplex type) or anti-burglary glass (bulletproof glass, anti-burglary sheets).

Our glass packages : Barrier 100 – top thermal insulation, Barrier 80 – configurated for insulation, Barrier 70 – 2 or 3 glass sheets will ensure the necessary level of comfort in your home.