Otherwise Week

Otherwise Week” in the Barrier home

Within the “Otherwise Week”, the students from the 6th grade of the Mihail Sadoveanu School in Bacău came to the main building of the Barrier complex on Thursday, 10.04.2014, as to get acquainted to their future activities.

The students showed a special openness to learning new things regarding the production process of windows and doors, as well as the back-office activities developed in order to coordinate the whole process. Thus, an interactive communication was established between the children and the whole Barrier staff. As a souvenir, the kids were asked to exhibit their ideas and impressions on a board placed on one of the building’s main rooms.

The “Otherwise Week” programme was launched all throughout Romania and established as a main goal the involvement of the students in extracurricular activities. They visited museums, police stations, fire squad’s main buildings, etc. As a particular action, the students from the „Gheorghe Lazăr” High school in Bucharest switched places with their professors and taught them their own versions of lessons.

On the occasion of the “Otherwise Week”, Microsoft organized meetings with high school students interested in technology and innovation discussing about different learning opportunities and how they can take part in the innovation and research process.