Barrier Garaj - mobile elements for vehicle access

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A wide range of profiles for Barrier®garage doors

Barrier manufactures and installs items for easy and safe access of vehicles in premises and buildings. The high quality standard describing the production process of the Barrier® doors provides unquestionable functioning, constant and safe due to the used materials, facilitating and protecting access to various spaces.

Integrated closing solutions

Barrier® actively participate in the achievement of other closures of buildings (windows and doors). The prerequisites are met by the design of the garage doors integrated seamlessly with other elements in the overall architectural concept.

Top materials

High quality components used in the manufacture of Barrier® garage doors, the best in their category so far, are the guarantee for proper functioning and resistance over time.

Brrier Garage scale

Barrier® Garage Doors correspond to a wide range of uses, with the design and safety that you need. Barrier® offers various customized solutions for:

  • Roller garage doors
  • Sectional garage doors, industrial and residential
  • Drives and automation of gates and garage doors
  • Barriers to access premises and public parking solutions
  • Metal curtains

The essence of the Barrier® products

The high functionality and integrated design, this is the brief definition of the Barrier® garage doors. Garage Barrier products serve with responsibility and dedication to the vehicle access to premises and buildings