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Comfort synthesis in 80 mm

On a staircase of classic PVC windows and doors, Barrier 80+ is on top of the top, revealing an unbelievable architectural and technical potential: architectural, thanks to its full profile system that can cover any configuration specific to the residential , Due to the formal freedom and coloristic and technical richness due to the top performance of the insulation and protection indicators

Barrier 80+ can be called a product of the future

Caring for energy savings both in the beneficiaries’ homes and in the production process demonstrates its sustainability. Barrier 80+ windows and doors respond to a wide range of residential uses with the design and safety you need

Barrier 80+ is the highest-ever step ever achieved by classic PVC windows and doors. The same material, even small in size, allowed only by geometric reconfiguration, by recompositing the benchmark system, a superior performance, unprecedented so far.

Synego concentrates the top performance of PVC profiles

The main feature is the flexibility offered by both the dual system of gaskets and the wide register of profiles and subassemblies that allow for any configuration of residential windows and doors.

The judicious interior design makes Synego one of the finest PVC profiles, with up to 50% energy savings compared to a classic carpentry.

  • 4 stars
    Class A, B ?
  • ?

    thermal insulation

    Uf < 1.0 W/m²K - Excellent thermal insulation
  • ?

    soundproofing class

    Rw,p = 47 dB - optimum sound insulation capacity
  • ?

    protection anti-burglary

    To Class RC 3 - Provides good anti-burglary protection
  • ?

    thickness of the profile

    80 mm - Result of consistent research and orientation to market requirements
  • ?

    thickness of the profile

    Class A (according to DIN EN 12207) - Very good static resistance to the pressure of the adjacent elements
  • thickness of the glass panel

    Maximum 51 mm - The best insulation capacity in its class


Barrier 80+ provides gaskets for reliable protection against current and humidity. The co-extruded gasket system is adapted for a wide range of applications and requirements. The fabric is soft to allow easy cleaning.

The profile area

Barrier 80+ profiles are made using the most advanced extrusion technologies. The surface of HDF (High Definition Finishing) profiles is smooth, compact, easy to clean.

accessories, window sills and rolls

Range of accessories: rolls, indoor and outdoor window sills, mosquito nets. Integrated ventilation systems bring added benefit to the Barrier 80+ windows.

color palette

The color range of Barrier® films is completed with 150 RAL colors for painted profiles. Furthermore, you can also choose customized prints with the design of your choice.