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Passive house windows and doors

This is the category of windows and doors used for passive houses at Barrier®. REHAU profiles top Geneo PHZ®, provides optimum stability and insulating characteristics.

Barrier insulation 100 completes the perfect symphony of your home

In accordance with the basic principles of the passive house – more comfort with less energy – Barrier 100 windows brought heat and seal parameters to values unseen before. In accordance with the same principle, the contribution of the Barrier 100 windows aims at reaching its fullest only if the other elements of the building are as innovative and energy efficient.

Top materials

Top quality materials used in the manufacture of the Barrier 100 windows make it the best choice in their category of products, thus being a guarantee for proper functioning and resistance over time.

RAU-FIPRO – mass reinforcement allows the thermo-modules to be used

RAU-FIPRO® is the result of a last generation technology, used in the aerospace industry as well as for the Formula 1 cars. The mass reinforcement of the REHAU Geneo PHZ® profiles increases considerably the carrying capacity of the joinery panels, making it unnecessary to use a metallic reinforcement. Therefore, the rooms of the profile receive what we call “thermo-modules” which are elements that enhance the insulating capacity.

Weatherproofing and the intake of fresh air

The mobile closing elements must be tight not allowing a loss of more than 0.6 of the total volume of air in the house in an hour.

Insulation and energy transfers

The heat transfer indicators of the opaque materials (walls, roofs, floors above the ground foundation) must be situated between 0.1 and 0.15 W/M2K. For heating and cooling, the annual consumption should reach a maximum of 15 kW/m2/year or 120 kW/m2/year (energy sources) including lighting and water heating. The heating system is optional, and if it is included, the power will not be greater than 10 W/m2.

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    thermal insulation

    U f up to 0.79 W / m 2 K
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    soundproofing class

    5 (glass = 50 dB, Rwp = 47 dB)
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    protection anti-burglary

    Up to class WK3 (WK2 without steel)
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    thickness of the profile

    86 mm
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    visible width of profile

    115 mm
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    Visible (Roto Lux or Roto NT)
  • thickness of the glass panel

    44 - 52 mm (3 sheets)


3 rows of perimeter gaskets, ensuring optimum sealing. The gasket material is very elastic, wear-resistant and weather-resistant. The medial seal increases the profile isolation.

the profile area

profiles are made using the most advanced extrusion technologies. The surface of HDF (High Definition Finishing) profiles is smooth, compact, easy to clean.

accessories, window sills and rolls

Range of accessories: rolls, indoor and outdoor window sills, Persian, mosquito nets. Integrated ventilation systems bring added benefit to the Barrier 100 windows.

color palette

The color range of Barrier® films is completed with 150 RAL colors for painted profiles. Moreover, you can also choose customized printed sheets with the design of your choice.