Barrier 100 passive house with low power consumption

energy saving and respect for nature

passive houses innovation lies precisely in the energy balance with the environment

Barrier 80+ design and security

Barrier 80+ can be called a product of the future

Barrier 80+ is ever reached the top of classical PVC windows and doors

Barrier 70 ideal for building rehabilitation

registered informed decisions

Barrier 70 is used successfully in any retraining work

Barrier Arhitect program of windows and doors with a unique design

Are you an architect?

Take advantage of the BarrierĀ® consulting program and support for special architectural projects

Barrier Garage sectional garage doors or roller

mobile access elements of vehicle

solutions for residential and industrial garage doors or for access to public and private car parks

Barrier Doors entrance, terrace and panoramic doors

Barrier Doors welcomes you every time with a warm welcome!

A welcome smile for you and your guests will step into the house