Electric Plus Company has a remarkable experience in the insulating joinery domain, creating the current structure 15 years ago by producing PVC windows and doors under the name of Barrier.

Barrier offers a complete package of high quality services. The Barrier windows are manufactured in Bacău, bringing together the contribution of over 600 employees. Our products are famous in both Romania and abroad, in most of the Eastern part of Europe.This is where we also make our special products from PVC, such as the curved and angled structures, shutters and doors.

Being the leader the regional leader, in the Eastern part of the country, when it comes to the production of the PVC insulating joinery, Barrier aims at extending the range of products and services. As to achieve our planned purposes, the company is investing in the technology that will improve our products, as well as in the constant training of our staff.

As a follow-up of the investment we finalized in 2014, Barrier is currently the owner of the most modern production platform in Romania having as primary function the production of windows and doors.