11EVEN premiere event in Bacău, supported by BARRIER

Wednesday, May 7th, Business and Exhibition Centre “Mircea Cancicov”, Bacău hosted the first event 11Even.

Understanding the importance of an event of this sort, BARRIER participated as the main sponsor, alongside the organizers.

11EVEN is organized by the Mutatis Mutandis Association, bringing in Bacău 11 national figures, 350 people interested in entrepreneurship and personal development as well as major companies.

The event attended by Electric Plus, the company that owns the brand Barrier, is organized on a voluntary basis, and the money collected will be donated to educational and inspiring cases: supporting the Youth Bank volunteer program and Emergency Psychological Resource Center.

The 11EVEN Community means 11 cities in Romania, 50 people involved in the organization, over 2500 people attending the event and 2178 minutes of speaking.

This year’s topic was “Bringing joy in life.” Bank Youth Volunteer Program encourages the development of skills such as social entrepreneurship, leadership, financial management project management, communication, negotiation, teamwork by empowering youth and encouraging their involvement in the community.

Consistent with its principles, Barrier supports the development of personal skills, which are indispensable for improving the quality of life.