the inspiration and technology behind the Barrier® windows

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    • inspiratio

      The place where you live has a an impact upon your manner of thinking as well as the attitude you choose to have in your everyday life. That is why you have to choose it wisely as to stimulate and provide you with confidence and optimism. Therefore it is essential to pay attention to the quality of the elements that build your personal space. The particular quality of your windows is essential in creating an optimistic, positive and inspirational atmosphere.

      Comfort is just the bare minimum that your home should offer. Your space must be a source of inspiration as to stimulate ideas that can improve lives.

    • the most advanced technology

      If you want a product that will not disappoint you, pay great attention to the technology used for manufacturing your windows. It will ensure you long-time satisfaction in doing so.

      The latest technology not only facilitates our lives but it allows us to process orders quickly and without errors, thus enabling high quality products coming into your homes. In choosing windows made out of performance products and advanced materials, you can be sure of the fact that they are bound to pass the day-to-day tests.

    • return of the investment

      Are you an analytical and practical person? Then you know that the price difference between a high quality window can be recovered faster than you might think, in less than a few years.What appeared to be an economic acquisition might turn into a waste of resources. The respect for resource savings is equally translated into the respect shown both for the comfort and the financial resources of your family.

      In 3-4 years time, you can recover the investment difference that occurs between the cheapest and the most expensive joinery system. And the savings continue!

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    • responsibility

      The responsibility does not cease in the moment the product was delivered. With the long-term guarantee that we provide, you can rest assured that your work is protected. Barrier® products offers you the opportunity to become yourself environmentally aware and responsible, towards protecting it and by doing so, protecting the economic necessities of your family.

      We are prepared to grant you what we would like, in our turn, to receive.This means paying full attention to your needs and wishes.

    • image

      An image that would represent you consists, most likely, of details. Whether it’s the way the window profiles look, or the technical details about the hardware or the the glass they are made of, all of these elements lead to an illustration of our special care for your needs and expectations. The image of your home is our priority.

      The home you live in says all about the standards you ar accustomed with.That is why it is important to show interest for each and every detail.

    • weather protection

      The mood is often influenced by how much is spent on air conditioning or heating. As for your mood and your level of comfort to be rather high, you need and effective protection against the changes in the external temperatures, air currents and humidity. Barrier® creates an insurmountable obstacle for bad weather.

      Weather should not affect your home atmosphere. Winter cold or summer heat don’t need to pass the windows of your home.

    • in the middle of nature

      A quality window stops the noise as well as the bad weather, allowing nature to enter you home and generously offer you a beautiful scenery, sunshine, fresh air and the gentle breeze of spring. A quality window helps you leach and enjoy everything that is good for your family.

      The window is a barrier to bad weather, but it can equally be open itself in front of you to let the beauty of the nature get into your home.